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Everyone is familiar with the term third-party. Various businesses involve them. They provide a platform where sellers and buyers meet. Once the deal is done, third-party will have its part as commission. Similar is the case with property dealing business. If you are Cream City local and want to sell your house, we buy houses Oak Creek WI.


Real estate agencies are working to provide a platform for sellers and buyers. They do not directly buy houses from homeowners. There are differences between our working and real estate agencies’ working.


We buy your house directly while estate agencies fix a deal between seller and buyer.

We do not charge a fee but agencies charge a fee to proceed process smoothly.

Our documentation is less and precise but agencies’ documentation is a lengthy process.

We do not demand house visits other than one but agencies tease homeowners regarding house showings to house buyers.


Near us, there is no value of condition but real estate agencies inspect houses on the micro-level.

We directly offer you a quote regarding house and agencies close deals when both parties are willing to proceed with the process.


With us, owners are free to accept our offer or decline it and in the case of real estate agencies, if the owner is not satisfied with the offer, the agency will look for another bouse buyer and it will charge additional money.


When homeowners contact us to sell the house, we will close the deal in 7-10 working days but there is no definite time in which agencies can assure a successful deal between seller and buyer.

We pay wither in cash or cheque but estate agencies have to choose the best-suited payment method according to buyer intensions.


We are sure that now you are familiar with our working process. We prefer to buy any kind of house in Wisconsin. We buy houses Oak Creek WI while maintaining client’s trust with transparent house buying techniques.


We Buy Houses Oak Creek WI

Regardless of the house condition, we will buy it. We will buy even if the house is trashy and not in good condition. Owners do not have to spend money on renovation. We buy disputed places and empty houses.


If house owners are facing difficulties in house selling, we can help you. These difficulties involve foreclosure, lien property, mortgaged property and title, probate, and establishment issues.