Tips to clean, maintain and fully take care of a pocket knife

No matter, you have got the cheapest pocket knife, trust us, if you properly take care of it, then it can turn out to be the wisest decision from your side. Some easy tips can help you in taking care, cleaning, and maintaining your Damascus pocket knifeSo, have a look at this guide and if you have any questions, then feel free to let us know.


We all know that pocket knife possess and encompass the element of inherent longevity. They can stay with you for years and years if you ideally take care of them. Furthermore, their cleaning and maintenance job is simple. You just have to keep these custom pocket knives sharp enough, clean enough. In addition, keep them lubed and tight enough.

Keeping your pocket knife sharp


The first tip is that you should keep and retain the sharpness level of your pocket knife. You can go on opting for different sharpening methods for this job. If your pocket knife will continue to have a fine blade edge, then that is amazing. Furthermore, get a good quality knife sharpener for yourself. You need to start sharpening your pocket knife from the coarsest surface. Follow the sharpening technique likewise, you sharpen a diamond plate. In addition, you can seek professional sharpening services if you cannot sharp a knife on your own.


Try keeping your pocket knife fully clean


Once you are done with sharpening, then another practice that you have to religiously follow is to fully clean your knife. We have generally seen that folding knives are possessed with an inevitable amount of debris on their blade. So, regularly cleaning this debris is of utmost essential for you. If your pocket knife is often packed with bits of debris, then there is a chance that your knife may not be able to properly open, close, and lock itself. To keep this cleaning job simple enough, you only have to wipe down your knife after every use. It is these less-diligent and periodic cleanings that are sufficient enough.

Keeping your pocket knife lubed

When you see that the cleaning and drying part of your knife is complete, then the next step that you have to follow is to lubricate your knife. The application of lubricant has to be food-safe, otherwise, you should avoid using that lubricant. Like, you can go on using mineral oil. Besides, you have to use and apply lubricant sparingly. Just put a drop on the pivot and also on the blade and try wiping it down with the help of a microfiber cloth.

Retaining your pocket knife tight

You might be wondering how to keep your pocket knife tight, here we are going to tell you. There is a chance that your knife screws may come loose, so keeping them tight and intact is a must for you. You must make sure that your knife screws are secured and intact on the best notes. Get a good quality driver so that you can easily and conveniently tighten the screws of your pocket knife.

This is how you can easily take care of your pocket knives. Follow these tips and keep in touch with us.