Inbound Marketing Strategy: the most direct way to conversion

The Inbound Marketing is a process that will allow you to transform strangers into loyal customers . But no one is willing to trust a company they don’t know. For this reason, it is very difficult for someone to be prepared to buy our products or hire our services the first time they visit our website. For the sale to take place it is necessary that the potential client trusts that capital smart city islamabad can help him. And to achieve that trust it is essential to establish a fluid relationship with him.

Conversion is at the beginning, not at the end

If more than 50% of visitors to a website are not ready to continue advancing in the purchase process, what can we do to improve our results? The solution is simpler than it seems: we cannot let them escape. Once someone enters our website or reads an article on our blog, they are opening a door for us to establish that relationship so necessary to advance the sales process. We must take advantage of the opportunity orienting each and every one of the pages of our Web to the conversion .

Converting, in this phase, does not have to be selling. In fact, converting into Inbound Marketing is advancing our relationship with the potential client: it means transforming them into a contact that is truly interested in what our company can do for them. And it is exceptionally important because it is the first step in creating our own database of potential clients.

That conversion, as such, must be part of our Web strategy . We may not have a second chance with a visit so, from the first page you access, we must offer you calls to action that lead you to become a contact.

How to boost conversion?

That’s the big question, right? That’s what we’re here for, and the answer is simpler than it may seem. Converting involves entering into a relationship . So the best way to start establishing it is to offer something truly valuable. Something that our potential client needs to solve their problems. Something valuable and that, however, is too abundant on the Internet: information .

“Converting means building a relationship. So the best way to start building one is by offering something truly valuable.” 

Our potential client has come to our website or our blog trying to find a solution to a problem that grips him: What is the best ERP for my company? How can I save on my waste management? How does the LOPD affect my company? Google searches for B2B content occur every day . A good business blog should answer these questions.

But that’s not enough. If we detect an aspect in which our potential client is willing to deepen, we must be the one to take the first step. We who offer you a guide or manual to help you solve your problems. Do you need to make an International Website ? Let us explain how. If the information is truly relevant to him, he will have no qualms about answering a simple questionnaire to access the document.

Convert with Landing Pages

Agree. I have created an ebook that solves the main doubts of my clients. Is it done? Of course not. You need to place that content in a space oriented to trigger that conversion. A well-optimized landing page or landing page is essential to make the conversion take place. A place on the Web designed specifically for visitors to fill out a form , become part of our community and give us valuable information about who they are and what they are looking for.

An optimized landing page can skyrocket your website’s effectiveness levels. According to figures from Hubspot , the average number of conversions that occur on a good landing page is above 20% . That means that out of every five people who land on that page at least one will leave their e-mail . If you think that this person has come there looking for information to solve a problem in his company, a problem that you can solve … do you realize the value of that contact?

There is no second chance for a first impression

The goal of any visit that we attract to our website must always be conversion . Attract them to our environment to establish that essential relationship with them. Only in this way can we advance in the sales process and gradually make our potential client understand that the solution to their problems is in our hands.

If someone has found us and what they have seen on a first visit has not convinced them to buy, we will not have a second chance to get their attention again. Unless you find in us a reason to keep in touch, information that helps you learn and improve in the day-to-day running of your company. A content, in short, that ends up transforming it into a contact interested in what we know how to do.

Only in this way can we ensure that we are building a more profitable and more secure path to sales. That’s right, a good Inbound Marketing strategy will lead you straight to conversion.