Batman: Arkham Origins cheats for PS3


Pull out the crypto sequencer, hold L1 and R2 at the same time, and rotate the right analog stick ten times clockwise. All enemies, and Batman, will have a big head. To deactivate the effect, enter the code again.


The following extra costumes can be achieved without the need for downloadable content, such as in-game bonuses:

Blackest Night: Gain prestige in multiplayer mode.
Dark Knight: Complete all Dark Knight challenges.
Earth 2 Dark Kight: Connect the game to the mobile version of Batman: tft cheat sheet 

Injustice: Win all medals in Challenge Mode.
New 52: Finish all the most wanted missions.
Noel: Find all Enigma datapacks.
One Million: Sign up for Warner Bros ID and link the game.
Red Son: Connect the game with the mobile version, and get 10 costumes in it.



City of Assassins
Identify the Assassins in Black Mask

An Open Eye
Defeat Deathstroke

Nobody important
Who is the Joker?

Everyone Wears Masks
Find Black Mask

Deactivate an entire network of a

Counterintelligence tower
Decrypt an

Enigma Extortion File Uncovered
Obtain all Enigma items

First of Many
Complete an entry of the Most Wanted

Shadow Justice Rider
Master the Path of the Justice in the Shadows

Protector of the city
Master the path of the Protector of Gotham

The worst nightmare
Master the path of The worst nightmare

The best detective in the world
Master the path of the Best detective in the world

Crime Investigator
Complete all cases

Crime Fighter
Prevent 20 ongoing crimes

Thank you, old friend
Hear everything Alfred has to say

Personal instructor
Earn all medals on combat training maps

Come on!
Get all the upgrades

Fifty in fluid
Get a x50 combo

What was that?
Complete a predator encounter without being detected

. What has it given me?
Eliminate 100 enemies without being detected

Silent Knight
Complete a predator encounter only with silent eliminations

Cross the bridge gliding without touching the ground

Around the world
Use the aircraft to move to all the fast travel points

Impeccable exhibition
Successfully face Shiva without taking any damage

Without setbacks
Defeat Deathstroke without missing a single counterattack

One of each
Use all devices in concentration mode in a single combo

Air Marathon
Plan 26 miles in total

Voice of the people
Scan 20 marks of Anarky

The perfect predator
Kill 6 elite soldiers in 6 different ways, such as Batman or Robin, in a multiplayer game

The macabre joke
Reach the highest level with the Clown Gang in multiplayer

The Fallen Knight
Reach the highest level with the Bane Raid in multiplayer

Reach the highest general level in multiplayer

Kill a hero without reinforcements to recover your raid on a full multiplayer server

City Stories
Win an assault on each map with each gang in multiplayer

Good prospects
As a hero, defeat 4 elite soldiers in 40 seconds, without using melee combat in multiplayer

A criminal out of the ordinary
As an elite, earn 4000 XP in a single multiplayer game

Arsenal, great
Completely upgrade a weapon in multiplayer

Climb a Prestige Level in Multiplayer

Meet Your Enemy
Defeat all enemy players at least once in a multiplayer game


One Rule
Save a life

The Collector
Collect all collectibles

The Innocents and the Enemies
Capture all Assassins of Black Mask

Legend of the Dark Knight
Complete all the Dark Knight

Perfectionist challenges
Win all the medals on the bespoke map in Challenge Mode

Earn all the medals on the original leaderboards in Challenge Mode (as Batman)

Win all the medals on the original Campaign Maps in the

Clean Streets Challenge mode
Complete all the most wanted missions

Something to believe in
Complete the New Game mode +


Sooner or later
Defeat the Clown

I am the night
Complete the I am the mode night

Platinum Platinum

Collect all other trophies in the game.