Best Guide to What is 5 Percent Window Tint?

Why just 5 percent window tint, and what its limitations? Do not know, no worries. We have gathered some interesting information with many facts that might help you clear all the questions you have in your mind regarding tinted windows. So, are you ready to gain knowledge? Let’s start!

Window tinting is considered as necessary as other priorities of your car. It serves you with several properties like shading and security, and many more. We will describe these properties, but first, you should know that what window tinting is. “Window tinting is the process of applying a thin laminate film to a vehicle’s glass in order to darken it.”

The most common feature that makes it popular among all kinds of people is Shading: it does not matter that if any person buys a brand-new car or used car, they will notice that window is tinted or not just because of shade because it worth a lot. Driving is an enjoyable act, but the direct sunlight makes it difficult and less comfortable and even leads to road accidents because of the sudden flash of the sun. To avoid these circumstances and to start enjoying driving, all you need is tinted windows that provides you shade.

5 percent window tint

Properties of Window Tinting

Shading is not all about blocking sunlight. It also maintains car temperature from the over-exposure to sunlight, in this way protect your car interior. But the amount of sunlight that the tinted window will refrain depends on the percentage of tint you install on your window.

Every country has different laws and regulations regarding tinting, but one thing in common which is you cannot have 100 percent tinted windows because these windows did not have a good history. People tend to use this outstanding feature in unfair terms. Therefore, it ranges from 5 to 30 percent and in some countries, even 50 percent tinting is allowed. So, before installing tinted windows, make sure about the particular criteria of your country regarding tinting.

Another most common feature of tinted windows is security; it allows you to drive safely by making it difficult for people who observe what is inside the car. Suppose you are traveling with your family and the people staring at your windows watching who and what is in the car. This inappropriate behavior will bother everybody but cannot fight anybody for this reason, but you can do one thing to gain control that is install tinted windows.

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Benefits of 5 Percent Window Tint

Five percent window tint is considered the most applicable and allowed percentage in every country. This percentage can provide all the features that have mentioned above. Let me tell you one more fact. There are many different shades, colors, and levels of tint available that you can choose. Most of the options you select will depend on your taste. However, not all window tints provide the same level of protection. Like they said “greater the quantity greater the efficiency”

There are three main kinds of window tinting: dyed, carbon, and ceramic. Dyed film is the most cost-effective, but it is also the least durable. And it will fade over time.

The carbon film is more vital than dyed, and it will provide increased heat deflection. But it is prone to higher levels of glare, resulting in decreased visibility.

Ceramic film eliminates many of these issues and is one of the more popular options for vehicles. You can expect to pay more for ceramic tint. But you do get a lot for your money.

Ceramic tint is better resistant to glare and is the longest lasting. It does not fade. And it adds greater strength to the window, making it less likely to shatter. You can even apply the ceramic coating directly to your vehicle. It will keep the paint from fading and make your car look brand new.